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Typically we attack pain by utilizing combinations of the following medication classes:

  • Anti-Inflammatories
  • Pain Blockers
  • Muscle Relaxers
  • Neuropathic agents
  • Anesthetics

Why did my physician prescribe a pain cream rather than a pill? Often times, oral medications aren’t completely effective in treating your condition. Compounding is a long standing pharmacy practice that allows doctors to treat their patients’ individual needs without being restricted to off-the-shelf medicines. This individualized formula was prescribed for you by your doctor and prepared in a compounding pharmacy specializing in topical pain creams that treat pain right where it hurts instead of going through your whole body causing side effects like stomach upset or problems like drug interactions.

Our experience has shown that a combination of synergistic agents within a medication class combined with appropriate target classes of medication offers the most beneficial product.  For example, low back pain often consists of mechanical inflammatory pain associated with significant muscle spasm and neuropathic pain.  Therefore, a good compound may consist of 2 different NSAIDS with slightly different MOA, 2 different muscle relaxers of different MOA,  2 different neuropathic agents, and a pain blocking agent combined with an anesthetic.